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Optiplex Ultra Webinar Recording

On March 9, 2021, Dell Client Community and Dell’s Client Technologists, Amit Bhaga and Dhiren Patel, took an even deeper look into the OptiPlex Ultra Product line and dove into more features and best practices for getting the most use out of your devices.

Stories that Bring Solutions

Ahead of our first C3 event “Tech Stories that Bring us Together” we talked with Rav Mohapatra, the event’s panel moderator to discuss his experience and perspective on the value stories bring the IT professional. Our marketing lead for Dell Client Community, Leeanna Nelson, conducted the interview.

Dell Optimizer Webinar

Meet Dell Optimizer! Dell Optimizer uses AI to learn your behavior, working in the background to analyze key system data so you can have a seamless and more productive experience. Learn more about Optimizer in our webinar recording.