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John Scimone Discusses the Broad Range of Security Issues Faced When Supporting a Remote

Posted By Dell Client Community, Thursday, April 9, 2020

Join John Scimone, Dell Technologies' Sr. Vice President and Chief Security Officer, and JJ Davis, Dell Technologies' Sr. Vice President of Global Communications for a conversation on how Dell implemented remote workforce solutions in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Watch the full Zoom conversation here.


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How Dell Technologies Enables a Productive and Secure Remote Workforce

Posted By Dell Client Community, Thursday, April 9, 2020

Join Jen Felch, Dell Technologies' Chief Digital Officer and CIO, and JJ Davis, Dell Technologies' Sr. Vice President of Global Communications for a conversation on how Dell implemented remote workforce solutions in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Watch the full Zoom conversation here.

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Advancing Sustainability in the IT Industry

Posted By Dell Client Community, Tuesday, February 18, 2020


With climate change becoming an ever-growing threat to humanity, it seems every industry is putting sustainability at the forefront of its priorities, and the IT industry is no exception. You can see it in almost every facet of IT, from smart home products that optimize energy use to virtualization innovations that shrink the overall footprint of IT admin spaces. When you consider how more areas of our lives are being absorbed by the connected devices and the need to make everything stronger, faster, and more automated, sustainability initiatives can have a powerful impact when implemented in the IT industry.


What does sustainable IT look like?


Sustainability is about more than simply reducing the energy use of one specific project. True sustainability requires a holistic, birds-eye level view of material sourcing, supply chain, production and manufacturing, packaging and shipping, financial solvency, and labor standards in addition to the product itself. It means expanding the longevity of a product’s lifecycle, despite the trend of personal tech products becoming irrelevant with each new release.


As part of the Progress Made Real 2030 initiative, Dell Technologies revealed its dedication to advancing sustainability through some of the economic and social tactics mentioned above. The objectives listed below reflect Dell Technologies’ goals as well as those of the broader IT community.


Accelerate the circular economy.


“By 2030, the global population will grow by a billion people and the ranks of the middle class will swell by nearly 2 billion. With more people and greater prosperity, our economy will put pressure on planetary boundaries and social systems like never before. But there is a choice.


We can change the system for the better by embracing a circular economy, based on designing out waste and pollution, keeping products and materials in use for as long as possible, and finding ways to regenerate natural systems. We believe technology will play a key role in this shift and see the circular economy as a smart business model for our collective future.”


-Progress Made Real Social Impact Plan for 2030


Protect our planet and collaborate with our customers and partners to do the same.


“Our planet is already experiencing the effects of climate change and this is just the tip of the (melting) iceberg. Extreme weather, natural disasters and migration due to climate change are all examples of the far-reaching impact we are beginning to see. The interconnected nature of our global economy means a supply chain disruption in one part of the world can have broad consequences elsewhere.


Actions now and over the next 10 years will have a profound effect on how the world both mitigates the damage and adapts to climate change. We will continue working across our value chain, valuing natural resources and minimizing our impact.”


-Progress Made Real Social Impact Plan for 2030


We champion the many people who build our products.


“Sustainability is — ultimately — about taking actions today that ensure opportunities tomorrow, and that includes social issues as well. Our supply chain is vast and complex, involving tens of thousands of people around the world. With the power of that global force, Dell Technologies has the scale and responsibility to drive the highest standards.


We demand ethical practices, respect and dignity for everyone creating our products. Meeting our high standards is a condition of doing business with us, and we audit suppliers to ensure they uphold these standards.”


-Progress Made Real Social Impact Plan for 2030


 How the Latitude products are driving Dell’s sustainability initiatives


In 1994, Dell launched the Latitude line as its primary business-centric product series. Since then, several iterations of the initial line have yielded innovations that keep it among the top of its class and reinforce Dell’s dedication to sustainability. To commemorate Latitude’s 25th anniversary, Dell has pushed standards even further by releasing a special edition that showcases Latitude’s sustainability journey with the “most sustainable Latitude ever.” This edition combines Dell’s sustainable practices while also expanding and adding new ones.


Key differentiators that set this release apart from the standard Latitude 7300:

·      First Latitude to meet EPEAT Silver standards

·      Ocean shipment (for the majority of units) from the factory reduces the carbon footprint of transporting inventory

·      89% VOC reduction (vs. 55%) by expanding waterborne paint to 100% of the chassis and keyboard

·      Anniversary packaging contains 91% recycled content and integrates ocean-bound plastics

·      Long Life Cycle Battery increases the battery’s useful life and extends potential replacement timeline

·      New Reclaimed Carbon Fiber Technology that increases recycled content to 18.8% (from 11.6% in Latitude 7300) while reducing weight (up to 24g) at no sacrifice to performance or rigorous durability standards


Since 2008, Dell has made sustainability a top business priority and the release of the 25th anniversary Latitude furthers this commitment. With unexpected innovations and new sustainability accolades, this new Latitude launch is a symbol of Dell’s dedication to the longevity of our planet.

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Clipper 2019-20 Round the World Yacht Race: Introducing Dell Rugged Ambassador Heather Broadbent

Posted By Dell Client Community, Friday, November 22, 2019

Editor's Note: This post  was written by Heather Broadbent and originally appeared on the Direct2Dell blog.

This is an ongoing series of blogs by Dell Ambassadors competing in the Clipper Race, a 40,000 nautical mile race around the world in 70-foot racing yachts. Each yacht is equipped with two Latitude 7424 Rugged Extreme notebooks and a Latitude 7212 Rugged Extreme tablet to provide the onboard teams with access to critical navigation and communications throughout the challenging race.

Organization is key

Last-minute preparations have meant that all I have done is sleep, eat and breathe this race for weeks. It is a real dichotomy as I wanted to spend every minute with my family, but I also know how important it is to make the best possible preparations for myself and my team. I seem to have become the go-to person for general team enquiries; emailing, phoning and messaging daily for updates and info. This means I must be super organized with the information always to hand above or below deck. Having the Dell Latitude 7212 Rugged Extreme tablet to hand really eased the load as I am comfortable to have it on deck without the worry of it getting damaged.

Once the race started, my needs changed. With no emails to answer, my priority is to keep track of my race. The day we set off, I waved for over six hours nonstop to my family and friends who had travelled down to London to see me off. What a day it was, the culmination of all our preparation. Tens of thousands of spectators at St Katharine Docks meant that the atmosphere was absolutely electrifying. After feeling so calm for so many weeks, the emotion finally got to me. Seeing my beautiful daughters, Alex and Megan, made me the proudest mama in the land.

After the emotion of race build-up and the parade of sail, it was a huge relief to start racing. It was great to get those sparkling white new sails up and pulling us along.

Our first week

The first few days of the race were pure madness. The words that sum it up are: Seasick, BIG waves, fast sailing, disasters, injuries, despondency, tiredness, exhaustion and aching muscles.

During my downtime, I kept up to date with my blog writing lying in my bunk with the Dell Latitude 7212 Rugged Extreme tablet on my knee. I had the night mode switched on and, using the onscreen keyboard to type, it was super simple to keep track of the days. I decided from the start to commit to writing every day as I knew that the days would run together – after a few days at sea you lose all track of time. Some days it was great to watch a movie, just to clear my head and rest.The next few days took their toll on us all, draining everyone both mentally and physically. We were on our way to Portugal, beating hard into the wind.

Team spirit was high, and crew roles were starting to become more established. Everyone is looking out for each other and every single person brings something to the crew.

Wind holes and toffee cake

The race was a game of cat and mouse with boats jostling for places. With a wind hole looming, we executed a tactical well-placed jibe, and soon we were back in second place with everything to play for. The dreaded wind hole showed up as a pale blue/green image in the Nav Station on our Dell Rugged notebook. It’s an area with no wind and it was touch-and-go as to who was going to get there first…and more to the point IF they get there first, would it matter? One of the slower boats could catch up and even though they had been hundreds of miles behind, they snuck into a podium place right at the last minute.

What a disaster! I woke after three hours of sleep to start my midnight standby shift only to find that we were practically last. The wind hole had hit us hard. After looking good for third place, the slower boats had caught us up and by sticking to the rhumb line they snuck past us on the inside. It wasn’t a huge surprise and the possibility of this happening had been discussed, but we had pushed hard to try and sail around the wind hole. Unfortunately, that strategy had left us further out than the rest of the chasing pack.

The toffee cake that I had cooked before I went to bed had been a triumph. That was the only saving grace of the day.

Eventually, we finished in seventh place – not a brilliant result but it has brought us together as a team. I already know I have made friends for life with my crew. Bring on race two – I can’t wait to get going again.


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A Tour of the Daytripper World Headquarters with Dell!

Posted By Dell Client Community, Friday, November 22, 2019

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How Mark Mann Uses Precision Workstation to Capture the Moment

Posted By Dell Client Community, Thursday, November 21, 2019

Editor's note: This article and video originally appeared on the Direct2Dell blog. Read the full post here.

Portrait photographer Mark Mann has worked with an illustrious roster of clients. He’s taken some of the most iconic images of public figures ranging from former presidents to Rihanna, Stevie Wonder and Willie Nelson.

As a #DellInsideCircle member, Mark uses Dell Precision mobile workstations daily in his studio and on the go. We sat down with him to hear his thoughts on the role of technology in art and how the tools of his trade allow his subjects to shine brightest. Check out the video below and read the full interview on the Direct2Dell blog here.

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