Your Tech. Your Voice.

Your Tech. Your Voice. is a series of videos and companion podcasts by which Dell Client Community members share their IT success stories in their own words. These stories are about how they serve their end users, and how they use Dell products in this effort.
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Mike Libecki | National Geographic Explorer

Learn how Dell products and technologies provide the reliability Mike needs, while exploring some of the world’s harshest environments.

Atos | Chris Hawkins & Sara Tegman

Learn how Atos, the global leader in secure and decarbonized digital solutions & consultancy services, has partnered with Dell to bring their customers the best products and solutions, improving overall employee satisfaction and experience. 

PAI | Sarah Reidy

Learn how PAI helps drive global reproductive health advocacy with the help of Dell’s most reliable clients and solutions.


Arvig | Todd Mattson

Learn how one of the nation’s largest independent service provider manages their customers and continues to evolve their decades old business to remain on the cutting edge of technology.

Texas A&M | Tim McLaughlin

3D graphics are no longer just for the entertainment industry. In this episode we discuss how Texas A&M is training students for the artistic and technical demands of interactive design, information technology, education, and entertainment. Click here for part two!

Arc | Ian Brown

Providing services to 1,800 individuals with disabilities requires reliable technology. See how Dell was able to provide a technical solution, allowing Arc to focus on their core mission of helping others. 

NASA | Michael Kearns

Communication is critical for everyone, extraterrestrial communication even more so. Learn how NASA is supporting and upgrading 30-year-old spacecraft to next generation technology.

BYU | Danny Yeo

The College of Life Sciences at BYU is training researchers for tomorrow. With over 1,500 clients, Dell provides the computing power to tackle tomorrow’s obstacles, today.

The Your Tech. Your Voice. Podcast


S2: Episode 1

PAI & Sarah Reidy

S2: Episode 2

Atos & Chris Hawkins and Sara Tegman

S2: Episode 3

National Geographic Explorer, Mike Libecki

S1: Episode 1

Arvig & Todd Mattson

S1: Episode 2

Texas A&M & Tim McLaughlin

S1: Episode 3

Arc & Ian Brown

S1: Episode 4

NASA & Michael Kearns

S1: Episode 5

BYU & Danny Yeo